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1. Never place a bet until the day of the game, so you have the most up-to-date information.
2. Shop around for the best soccer odds and try Internet betting, so you don't have to pay tax.
3. See how potential 'matchwinners' are doing, but don't over-react if a star player is missing.
4. Bookies base odds on league positions - try and spot teams who are on a run of good form.
5. Stick with it - there will be freak results but over the season you will win more than you lose!

Before placing a soccer bet always shop around for the best price (odds) along with the lowest levy (tax).
If possible, always ensure that you place your soccer bet on the day the games are due to take place. Cancellations or postponements of games featuring in your bet(s) will affect the odds of your bet, and as a result your return.
To ensure a greater chance of success, always back as few soccer games in each bet as you can. By adding extra games to your bet you might greatly increase the odds of your bet, but you will also greatly increase the probability of LOSING. When making your selections always bear in mind that in the English Leagues roughly 50% of results are Home Wins, 25% are Draws, and 25% are Away wins. Always bet within your means. Soccer Betting no matter how well researched can go wrong. For Example, if you have backed a team to win and the referee has sent off 2 players from that team, your research becomes useless. For this reason, and however sure a bet may look, Never bet with money that you can't afford to lose.

Betting without having an "edge" on the game.
Having an "edge" on the game is to examine the factors on the match(es) you are gonna bet on.
This is probably were most people already go wrong, people throw away their money often by betting on match(es) that they have not spend a single minute to examine.

Betting just for the sake of betting.
Also a very tempting way to lose you money is to bet on matches just because you feel like betting and not because you have an "edge" on the match.
Sure you can probably find a small "edge" on some match that day, but it's still better to wait until there's a game that you can get a greater "edge" at.

Betting with your heart instead of your head.
This is the beginners mistake, betting on the team(s) your heart burn for. The team(s) your heart burn for should be treated just like any other team when your betting.

Which match(es) should I go with?
Well there are many styles of betting here, can't say which is best. But here's a little advise:
An away win is NEVER a sure shot, no matter how crappy the home team is, soccer has become so professional that sometimes the away teams seem to take it a bit easy because the pressure when playing home is that hard.
About every third match results in an unexpected result, so keep the match combinations to a minimum.

Fighting odds greed.
Some people feel like they have to have a high odds to really win, well
you should remember that the odds really symbolize how big the bookmaker think your chances are for winning the bet.
Often we find maybe one match we really feel we have an "edge" on, but the odds are not that high so we take a another match that we don't have a good "edge" on and combine it with our first match. This will make your chance of winning depend more on luck then on reality.

Here is a list of team conditions it's good to examine.
+ Is any of the teams good players injured, suspended.
+ Any good players back from suspension or injury.
+ Have the team got a new talented player.
+ Have an attacker started to hit the goal more frequently.
+ Previous outcome of the game.
+ Team moral and confidence.
+ Need to win factor...i.e. promotion, relegation,
+ Is it late season and the team is close to the 1st position or close to the cup positions
   (which mean they will fight or they are nervous), or close to relegation
   (which means they'll fight for every point).
+ A revenge or grudge game.
+ Manager status, new manager?, is manager about to be sacked? etc.
+ Playing against ex-players or manager.
+ Distances to travel, extent of travelling support.
+ Do the team have good substitutes or will the team fall apart by missing one or more key players.

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